Sunday, January 27, 2008

Step 12 - Turn $20 into $40

January 8, 2008: The last $1 carried over from the last step is now added to the pot, this will bring my new total to $21.
Amount: $21.00

January 9, 2008: Added .84 to the pot. .12 found money and .72 pocket change.
Amount: $21.84

January 11, 2008: Found .55 on the apt floor after guests left. Maybe I should invite them over more often.
Amount: $22.39

January 12, 2008: Added .49 pocket change.
Amount: $22.88

January 13, 2008: Found .10 on the ground.
Amount: $22.98

Now, in addition to adding pocket change and found money, it is time to start figuring out how to invest the money and let it double.

Lets look at our options. We can invest it, loan it out for interest, purchase something and resell it.

Option 1: Invest - probably the safest way, but then not the most efficient at doubling as it takes a while. Unless we can find some great investment. My goal is to double this in a week or two.

Option 2: Loan it out - possibly a faster doubling than investing, but higher risk. Without collateral, you need a lot of trust in the person.

Option 3: Purchase and resell. The most likely way to double efficiently. I'll look into that.

How to do it: still grabbing loose change and adding pocket change.

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