Thursday, June 19, 2008

Step 19 - A few more bucks!

Ok, now that my sad news is out of the way, I have discovered a new way to make a few bucks. At this point it looks like about $40-50 a month.

I manage a small takeout/delivery restaurant. In that restaurant we sell 20oz sodas for $1.49. My employees simply steal them at that price as they figure they deserve a discount and the corporation does not allow discounts on sodas. I was in the Sam's club the other day and discovered I could buy 24oz sodas (same brand as I carry in my store) for .10 cheaper than my store pays for the 20oz directly from the company.

I bought a case and took it back to my store, my employees now buy my 24oz sodas for $1 each. When the entire case is gone, I make $8 profit. Thwy went through the first case in three days. If they keep that pace up, I could feasibly make $80 a month, with no shrinkage. I figure for a bit of shrinkage and some slow days to make me $40-50.

Hey, every little bit helps!

I also collected another $20 profit from one of my smaller vending machines.

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