Saturday, July 5, 2008

Step 19 - Three HundredThirty Dollars in an hour!

Well, I have become to love my vending machines. I went to my largest location and took just over an hour to collect $330 in an hour! That was after I paid my commissions. I had to go and spend $85 on more inventory afterwards, but hey, not bad for an hours work. Man, if I could build 5 of those hours per week on a steady 4 week schedule, I'd be sitting good.

My little soda selling thing at work is making me money with no effort. So far I've sold three cases of sodas, netting me $24 profit. I would have made more by now, but I have been lazy about replacing the sodas when they ran out. Anyway, another $15 for more soda inventory and lets see if I can get some more.

So I get to add another $254 to the pot.

Vending Income - $330
Soda Income - $24
Total $354
Inventory - $100 (candies and soda)
Net increase $254

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James said...

Can you explain what a vending route is? I'm from the UK and I'm not familiar with the expression? Thanks.