Saturday, October 11, 2008

Step 19 - Gumballs and Shiny things

Been a while since I posted, but don't think I've given up. Things are changing for certain, but still I push ever forward.

I went in mid September and got my last large collection from my vending location down at the beach. This haul was $297. No inventory was purchased as I merged a few of the machines together and have already gotten the fish food for the winter months for that particular machine. I went and collected from the other couple of slower machines, giving me another $43. My 'prize machine' has given a total of $75 towards the purchase of he PlayStation 3 I will give away. I suck at any kind of graphical design, so the sign isn't up yet. I did get one of the girls at work to make me one yesterday while she was bored, so that will go up and then it should make money faster.

All in all, a total of $405 more dollars towards the stake.

I purchased some more silver coins and my first gold piece. The gold piece is a 1/10 oz, not quite the 1oz I truly want, but hey, Gold and silver had taken a dip in price, so I jumped on it.

I have also taken a big interest in the FOREX market. That is the market where you buy and sell foreign currencies. I have been playing with demo accounts for the last couple of months and think I have enough confidence to try a small amount. If I can make some money with it, GREAT!

So here is the little chart for this post.
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