Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Step 19 - Spring has sprung!

Wow, been a while, huh? I hate winter. My money slows down in winter. Yuck.
So where was I with all this fun money stuff?

Well, as spring is coming, I spent a little time collecting dormant vending machine money. $100 from my largest location, $32 from another, and yet another $125 from my machine with the giveaway prize.

I also have been playing bank to co-workers, netting $124 in profits from 'payday loans.'

I have some money also invested in the currency market, but at the time, it is at a loss of $9. Ah well, I'm hoping it turns around soon.

So lets get a new tally on this springs totals so we can push onward and upward!

$257 from various vending machines, $124 from loans and -$9 from the markets. That totals $372.

The new total is: $2414!

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