Monday, May 26, 2008

Step 19 - part 2 -

Well, looks like my vending route will do decently well.

This time, I pocketed $197.

Cash: $693
Assets: $924 ($600 in machines, 18oz silver $324)
Total: $1617

fundraiser ideas


One Green-Paper Flip said...

Hey, can you give a bit more detail about the vending routes? How do you purchase one? Are these vending machines? Do you fill them up yourself? How do you get them into the stores, or where ever they are? How many do you have? You'd think anyone selling a vending route would be selling becuase they weren't making money? If it is so great then why would they sell it?

~S~ said...

hmm... I was leaving a response, but it turned so long I'll just make a post about it ;)