Thursday, May 1, 2008

Step 19

Wow, looks like its been a bit since I posted. Well, it isn't from lack of activity, I can tell you.

Let's see, I had $1584 at last count. I bought another car to flip quickly, but it kinda got towed away. It needed a small bit of money put into it but I had to wait to find a part. My ex-roommate was ticked for kicking him out (long sad story, choose roomies very carefully!) and had it towed from my friend's work for a violation (no sticker.) I couldn't house it at my apartment complex for that very same reason, and they look frequently.

Anyway, by the time I found out about it over a week later, the recovery fee was too high for me to profit off of, so I let it go. That knocked me back $500.

1584 - $500 = 1084. ouch!!!

The good news is, the vending routes I had purchased with stake money ($600 worth.) made me $300! A rarity I'm certain, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

$1084 - $600 + $300 = $784

I also bought some silver, since I think it is going to do fairly well. They were at $16 an ounce. I bought 18 of them. $288 total.

$784 - $288 = $496

Now, I think I may show my stake a bit differently now...

Cash: $496
Assets: $888
Total: $1384

Almost back up to what I was before my loss. Hey, thats business!

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