Friday, July 31, 2009

Step 20 - Real Life is the SUCK!

<sarcasm>Hey! So my renewed commitment is doing soooo well! </sarcasm> But it is not my fault, really! What had happened was... no! the sun was in my eyes!

Ok, in all seriousness, I have been moving forward but have yet to see any results. This is due to that thing called Real Life that loves to jump in the way of anyone doing anything worthwhile. Let me give you a recap on why I have yet to realize any significant gains in the last bit.

My puppy broke her leg. They want to fix it to the tune of $3500. 10 TIMES the cost of the puppy originally.

My car decided to break, and since I use it for work and not just to and from, I needed that to be fixed. Yumm $400.

Oh and my friend I loaned $500 (which I was expecting it back this week) has run into payback trouble. Apparently he owes some BIG people BIG money (ie. US government, and they ain't playing) so I have to get in line behind them for the money he owes. yay...

Other than that, things are great. :)

I did a partial money pickup on one of my vending locations: $365.00 Yay money!
My losses include a dollar I lost in the currency market. Could be a lot worse

So for now, that is my report. It sucks I know and is nowhere near what I wanted to be able to report.

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