Friday, May 28, 2010

New changes, good and bad.

I tend to have a hard time figuring out the value of my silver and gold coins on the fly, so I decided to add these kitco charts to my sidebar. It is an up to the minute value, whereas I originally thought it was from the close of the last trading day. This does come at an odd time as I am liquidating my coins for my newest goal of returning everything to cash to ensure my current step and totals are current.

I am also currently liquidating the car a little earlier than I had anticipated. Whether this will bring me the same or less money is yet to be seen. I had an exorbitant $1000 emergency vet bill for my dog this week. Surprise!

Logic tells me to get rid of the dog, but there are times when even I have emotional attachments. I purchased her and by doing so I implied a promise to take care of her. Plus I like her, which is surprising since I typically do NOT like animals. I bought her for my fiancee originally, but I took a severe liking to the little runt. What do you do, huh? She is now fine, and as happy as ever.

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Xinfinitum said...


I am glad your dog is ok.

It is expensive to have an animal now a days.

I would love to have a puppy but I just do not have the funds or commitment of strength to care for it. :(