Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A trip back to liquidity - and reality.

After working at this game off and on for almost two and a half years, I have discovered I have strayed from my original plan. At this point, I should have $3800 or so dollars in cash. I do not. I do have a few assets such as some gold and silver, a car, and a few vending machines. But they are not cumulatively worth $3800. I believe if I could liquidate them all I may come up with is around $2200. Where did the other $1600 go? Loans. I had to loan myself some cash to get through a major tough time. And it is still not over... Gotta love the economy, huh?

The good news is this project has taught me how to be frugal and take practically make money from nothing in small amounts. So what to do, what to do? While I make my way through this time, I will freeze my step at 20. I am going to liquidate my assets to pull myself from this mess and begin again on this awesome journey.

Hang tight and I will blog my personal BAILOUT and recovery since it seems the hip thing to do.

In this continuation of the journey I plan on attempting to tackle some of those money making ventures I have drafted out. I want to blog my frugal methods and attempt to calculate the savings towards the stake. All in all I expect to see this grow at a speed much faster than before.
Til next!

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